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Free to Fly

A Story of Manic Depression

Caroline Fei-Yeng Kwok M.Ed.
writer, teacher, psychiatric survivor

ISBN-13: 978-1-895418-72-9
ISBN-10: 1-895418-72-0


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“All who have suffered psychological distress should read this book. It is a message of hope from one who has been there and back.”
Dr. Mary Seeman,
Order of Canada, Professor Emerita,
Dept of Psychiatry, University of Toronto

“Caroline Kwok’s book brings home the human story behind a disease label in a way that few other books do. This is a book that will get people asking each other questions again, particularly if they work or suffer in areas of diversity. It should make psychiatrists, nurses and others aware of the very many other things that can be going on in someone’s life and the other things that can be just as healing as professional input. It is also a book for those who suffer and will enable them to help the people helping them bring wisdom to the encounter”.
Dr. David Healy, Professor
North Wales Dept of Psychological Medicine
Cardiff University, UK

“Caroline is a fine writer who is able to render her personal difficulties in the most compelling language. This is a book that should be read by everyone who is suffering from mental disorder, as well as by medical and nursing personnel. It is not only inspirational, it is therapeutic. I cannot recommend it highly enough.”
Dr. Richard Selzer
Surgeon and Author
Yale University

“Free to Fly is a harrowing and heavenly narrative. Its author courageously describes scenes from hell and then dramatizes scenes from heaven. It shows that with hope and persistence men and women have the chance to search and find the freedom to grow wings.”
John Robert Colombo
author, editor and anthologist

“There are so many wonderful lessons in this book: The inner world of someone with bipolar disorder, stigmas associated with mental disorders, strengths and weaknesses of our mental health care system, and importance of cultural factors in mental health. All of these are told in a vivid, poignant, insightful, and inspirational manner. “FREE TO FLY” reveals the spiritual and personal struggles and strengths of a most remarkable person.”
Dr. Stanley Sue
Director of Asian American Studies
Professor of Psychology & Psychiatry
University of California at Davis

“Caroline Fei-Yeng Kwok’s narrative is an important testament about the experiences and perspective of a Chinese immigrant to Canada from Hong Kong labelled as having manic-depression. Equally impressive is the fact that this beautiful book is written in a poetic manner with great depth and insight about madness by one who knows it from within. It will appeal to a wide audience including people with a psychiatric history as well as people who work with them and anyone interested in cross-cultural experiences of the mental health system in Canada.”
Geoffrey Reaume
Assistant Professor
Critical Disability Studies
York University, Toronto

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