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From My Perspective

Essays about Disability

Editors: Rachel Faldet & Kris Schanilec

Publisher: The Spectrum Network, Decorah Iowa 2009 and 2010


The Spectrum Network is an organization that advocates for community inclusion for people with disabilities in Decorah, Iowa (and has since 1974). To acknowledge 35 years of learning, the Network decided to ‘listen’ to the authors tell their stories - from their points of view. Nineteen new authors participated in writing workshops - and these are their stories - as they chose to tell them.


"These are truly inspirational stories."
Michael Fitzpatrick, the National alliance on Mental Illness

"Exemplary... demonstrates, from a very personal perspective, what it is like living with a disability or working with persons with disabilities."
Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF International)

"As a classroom too, From My Perspective opens up a new way of looking at how people with different abilities live. Students find the stories powerful, eye opening and real.."
Dr. Tammy Faux, Wartburg College

"From My Perspective is a wonderful compilation of essays that gives the reader a view into the lives of some very brave, very intelligent souls .. It's an honor to read about the lives they are able to lead, and how everyday assumptions about disability can sometimes become barriers to allowing people to fully participate in community life."
Senator Tom Harkin, author of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990

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