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Intentional Teaming

Shifting Organizational Culture

by Beth Gallagher and Kirk Hinkleman

ISBN 978-1-895418-97-2


This book is important because we are not just being told how, we are being shown that it can be done. Intentional Teaming represents a much needed paradigm shift in the ways we work with and care for each other.
Jeff Gaddess PhD, MA, Consultant, Manager,
Cultural Mythologist, NamingandTreating.com

Finally, an approach that puts the person at the helm and offers concrete ideas for genuine support, pride, dignity and personalized participation of a labeled person and their support staff. You are going to love this book - and give it to everyone with whom you work.
Anne M. Donnellan, PhD., Professor, Director,
University of San Diego Autism Institute

This book is a gift. I mean, you have to pay for it, but really – it IS a gift. There are great ideas, powerful stories, and even a Frisbee poem. (Trust me on this one.) The authors are passionate about building teams that make a difference by celebrating and trusting the gifts that each person brings to the table. This creates possibilities for deeper and wider connections for people with disabilities and their communities. I hope you pay for this book and let Intentional Teaming work its magic on you.
Peter Leidy Consultant,
Advocate, Entertainer, www.peterleidy.com/

Intentional Teaming: Shifting Organizational Culture is a ground breaking gem that redefines the meaning of teaming and leadership. It unmasks the power of genuine connectedness for people who support individuals with disabilities to build natural and sustained relationships. They introduce The Frisbee Theory and intensive discovery and planning tools like The Liberty Plan that can be used to open doors to a life worth living - for anyone. And, they show us how to transform our organizational thinking and cultural assumptions and practices. This book comes alive through sharing wonderfully rich stories and joyful photographs documenting how individuals and families have benefited from the principles and practices of intentional teaming in action.
Dr. Jacqueline Thousand, Coordinator, Education Specialist
Credential and Master’s Programs College of Education,
Health and Human Services, California State University, San Marcos

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