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Kids, Disabilities and
Regular Classrooms

An annotated bibliography of selected children's literature on disability

by Gary Bunch

ISBN 1-895418-22-4


Brief sketches of nearly 150 children's stories - with POSITIVE images of children with labels. This is a wonderful and informative annotated bibliography of selected children's literature on disability. 111 pages of content and books you can get at libraries in North America. No library or resource centre should be without it. All selected books present children or adults with disabilities as members of the general community. Gary has cross indexed them so that you can find the story you need with ease. Ideal for schools and families - or even if you just like reading great children's stories. Two types of books are represented; story oriented and instructionally oriented. The underlying thesis of this resource bibliography is that children belong together.

Audience: Teachers and parents of children of all ages who are serious about including all children. Suitable for use by elementary and high school aged students to increase their understanding of people with disabilities. A must for any resource centre or library.

Recommended/reviewed by:

National Information Center for Children and Youth with Disabilities (NICHCY)

North Bay Guide for Disability Services

Student Attitudes to Peers with Disabilities

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