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When Spider Webs Unite

Challenging articles and essays on community, diversity and inclusion

by Shafik Asante

ISBN 1-895418-32-1

This book is also available as part of the

>Spider Webs Unite Pack


Shafik Asante's book will challenge you to broaden the definition of inclusion and to look at the issues of oppression and liberation in a fresh new way. The articles are short and punchy. Shafik speaks from the point of view of a community organizer, a human rights leader, and as a parent of two sons, one of whom has been labeled by the system.

The book is divided into theme areas including Alliance Building; Inclusive Community Building; Disability Issues; Leadership and Organizing; and a Tribute to Shafik.

The sections on alliance building and leadership are particularly inspiring. The content is vibrant and real because Shafik lived and "walked the talk" of building inclusive community daily. He worked in the heart of Philadelphia where he was a founder of the New African Voices Alliance and The Community Awareness Network.

Shafik was an uncompromising advocate of the rights of the oppressed and was able to set aside personal agendas to organize for the goal of a better and more just society. The book reflects Shafik's spirit of building team leadership which has the capacity to give and take criticism in order to keep moving forward on complex issues that affect the daily lives of people.

When Spider Webs Unite is a book that every community organizer, teacher, leader, parent and citizen will want on their bookshelf. When one feels down and tired and wonders whether change can really happen, it is time to pick up this book - again and again.

Shafik gives us fresh and challenging definitions of inclusive community, inclusion, alliances, networks, leadership and diversity. You may not agree with everything he has to say, but we guarantee you won't be bored or disengaged. This book is electric.

There is a complimentary video titled, When Spider Webs Unite: Shafik in Action. Both the book and video are inspiring to use at meetings, conferences or with your own family. Never one to be "burned out" or "stressed out", Shafik Asante, who passed away on September 5, l997 after a 20 year struggle with bone cancer, leaves us a legacy of love and a lasting message of hope based on hard work and the intense organizing it takes to build better and more inclusive communities for the future.

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