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Emerging Research

Students with Disabilities, Families, Teachers

by Gary Bunch

SBN 978-1-987935-00-4 (print book)
ISBN 978-1-987935-01-1 (- format pdf)


Education for students with disability is undergoing dramatic change. The Special Education Model, with its basic principle of a series of steps which increasingly segregate students with disabilities from their typical peers, is being challenged by the Inclusive Education Model and the principle of educating all students together in regular classroom settings.

This text describes the beliefs and experiences of students, their families and their teachers who are impacted in some manner by issues of disability and education. The writers are persons with disability, family members and educators. They also are in the graduate program at York University, Toronto..

"An extremely captivating book, EMERGING RESEARCH has not only ‘authors’, but real people and lives portrayed in its chapters. It is a book in which the narratives bring the reader into contact with the passion and commitment of the writers in a style that goes well beyond the typical academic ‘cliché’, yet without leaving aside the methodical and in-depth considerations a research book must have. One by one, the contents reveal amazing stories technically ‘captured’ in perfect research techniques, while described beautifully, almost poetically. There are mothers and fathers, sons and daughters, teachers, lawyers and other specialists who endure in a stunning description of their passionate journeys towards the fight for their loved ones’ rights to a good quality inclusive education (and themselves’). This book is a lesson from real people to real people, and also from researchers to society. A ‘must read’ to everyone." - Mônica Pereira dos Santos, Profa. Associada - Fac. Educação, UFRJ Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

"These are sobering, hopeful essays. Their educator authors know what it takes to make the Inclusive Education Model work: willingness to embrace a social model of disability, an attitude that values and actively welcomes diverse relationships as foundational to education, strong collaboration with families, and continual learning to support every student as a whole person, an active learner who belongs by right. They critically analyze how far short of these conditions daily reality falls and how unjust the consequences of this shortfall are for students, families and school personnel. Most important their analysis frames a hopeful agenda for action to make the Inclusive Education Model a living reality."" –John O’Brien Audience:
A great resource book for educators, families and policy makers who want to make inclusion happen - especially in a school system.

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