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Inclusion News is published every year or so by Inclusion Press for the Marsha Forest Centre - Inclusion.Family.Community. This newsy, user-friendly newspaper's purpose is to let readers and friends know what the international network of "inclusion & diversity people" are doing and thinking. It is an information and networking tool. Inclusion News has "raving fans" all over the world.

We do not "sell" Inclusion News, but we do ask that you pay for shipping. (For a box of 100 copies, it costs approximately $50 in North America). Write us and we'll mail you a free sample copy. There are articles, graphics, poems, and many resources to call upon. We want to give people maximum access to resource materials.

Inclusion News is also available for downloading in pdf format. These files are quite large. We recommend this only for those of you with high-speed internet connections. The following files are available:

Inclusion News Catalogue - 16 pages tabloid size - 2.9 megs
Inclusion News Catalogue Update - 4 pages tabloid size - 562 kb
Inclusion News (newsletter) - letter size - 32 pages - 4.2 megs

We were once asked, "Who is your competition?" We thought briefly then answered, "We don't have competitors. We are not trying to compete. We cooperate. We recommend many other sources (aside from ours) for great materials and resources." There is an abundance of good material in print and on the world wide web. Inclusion News is a connector, a bridge-builder among kindred spirits all over the world. If you like it, let us know. Send us articles and ideas.

Inclusion News is a popular handout at large and small conferences. We can arrange to ship to your conference in bulk. Call us. We've done this for conferences of 40-4000 people. It is a great gift to find on your seat or in your conference packet. People enjoy the wealth of material and the spirit and values of the newspaper.

Proceeds will assist the work of the The Marsha Forest Centre - a non-profit registered Canadian charitable organization, Number 896480944RR0001.

In the 2004 Issue

Marsha Forest Centre - MFC Created

Inclusion on the Road - John O'Brien

Nudging the Network - Janice Fialka

My Second Scott Story - Micah Fialka

Path in Action, Felicia, Evaluation Game

Student Attitudes/Bunch, College - Tashie

Brendon McBride's PATH

The Right Ducks - Mike Green

Hong Kong gets Person Centered

Jim Hansen Says- Education for All

Maresa MacKeith - Univ. Bound in UK

Jack Peeler - Common Sense

Regina DeMarasse - False Hope

Natural Community Supports - Hartshorne

Peter Leidy - Direct Support

Organizational Barriers: Leyden, Wilson

Book Review - O'Brien/Michaels

Portland Summer Institute, Portland, July 04

The Damage of Labels - Pat Worth

Why Not Lead - Reidy: Naz's MAP

Ourselves and Be Inclusive - Judith Snow

Caregivers - No Special Gift - Fitzgerald

Persevere - Julie Stansfield

Winnipeg Winter Institute - Feb. 03

Thoughts on Wildness - R. DeMarasse

Maori/Tuhoe Paths & Festivals

Business Options in Dundee, Scotland

Advocates in Action + Mpambo

Inclusion Maine + Community Lost & Found

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