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July 8-13, 2006



John McKnight - Prof. North Western Univ., founder ABCD Institute
John O'Brien - learning about inclusive communities from people with disabilities
Connie Lyle O'Brien - learning about inclusive communities from people with disabilities
Jack Pearpoint - Inclusion Press, Marsha Forest Centre, advocate
Lynda Kahn - Exec. Director, Div of Developmental Disabilities, Rhode Island
Judith Snow - author, lecturer, citizenship organizer for people with disabilities
Mike Green - ABCD Training Institute - Denver, CO
Henry Moore - ABCD Training Institute - Savannah, GE
Gary Bunch - Prof of Education, York Univ. Toronto
Gerv Leyden - Univ of Nottingham, England
Wayne Helgason - Director, Social Planning Council, Winnipeg, MB
And many other guest hosts to be announced…

FOR: People working actively on the complex issues of inclusion and diversity in communities, workplaces and schools will want to attend this event. This Institute is for Thinkers and Doers. - for people who know there are no easy answers and who are seeking new ways of thinking and acting. This will be a unique adventure in building a learning community together. The faculty see themselves as a jazz combo who have a definite theme and a flair for improvisation - harmonizing with the participants.

WHERE: Ryerson University in downtown Toronto

Pittman Hall is in the heart of Ryerson University in the heart of downtown Toronto - one of the most multicultural cities in the world - rich in diversity, social activism, and culture. We know you will enjoy the Institute, and all that Toronto offers: fabulous international food, great theatre, jazz, the Toronto Islands (great roller-blading and walking), an incredible array of affordable restaurants, the Blue Jays, the Raptors, the people.

OUTCOMES: Guarantees are hard to come by, but if you show up, be present, tell the truth and let go of preconceived luggage you will leave with a:

network of new colleagues and friends
knowledge, skills and tools for change
an individual PATH or MAP- your own unique plan of action to get you in motion in your own place of work/life (if you want one)

OUR AIM: is that we all celebrate our learning together and leave:
  • renewed
  • refreshed &
  • re-energized to continue our work

    PATH & MAPS are creative planning tools - that utilize Graphic Facilitation to collect information and develop positive future plans. MAPS focuses on gathering information for planning - based on the Story (history) of a person or organization. PATH goes directly to the future and implements backwards planning to create a step-by-step path to a desirable future.

    Pittman Hall, Ryerson University
    2005 Ryerson University
    350 Victoria Street,
    Toronto, ON,
    Canada M5B 2K3

    tel: 416-979-5000

    Room Reservations:
    You are in charge of and responsible for your own accommodation and meals. We do NOT make room reservations. The residences at Ryerson have very pleasant new facilities right on campus. Please make your own as soon as possible. We will arrange a block of rooms for a short time.

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